Bac Ha Trekking Tour Reviews

Bac Ha is located at about two hour drive from Lao Cai town, Lao Cai province. Bac Ha is one of ideal locations for off-the-beaten-track treks to visit colourful weekly markets. The Can Cau and Bac Ha markets, in particular, feature local scenes that have been going on every week for generations, where cattle, horses, goats and dogs are bought and sold, as well as many traditional goods like saddles and plowshares, along with elaborate textiles, handbags and other trinkets made by the local tribes people, the Flower Hmong. If you look for an easy trek which is combined with the market tour, we highly recommend the half day hike to Ban Pho village, inhabited by the H’mong people. Taking this option, you will have about three or four days trekking from Bac Ha town to this village and hike back to your hotel. Support vehicle is not necessary for this half day option.

Ba Be National Park Trekking Tour Reviews

Ba Be National Park is located in the district of the same name, in the northwest of Bac Kan Province, about 240 km northwest of Hanoi. The park covers a total area of 23,000 hectares and consists of limestone mountains with unique flora and fauna. Historical sources indicate that the park was completely covered by thick forests until late in the 19th century. Botanical studies have established the presence of more than 660 botanical species, 526 faunal species, 17 species of fish, as well as many species of reptiles and birds, many of which are endemic.

Hiking Sapa Vietnam – Activity Reviews

Hiking Sapa Vietnam is a Lotussia Travel article offering the most comprehensive information about hiking tours, hiking trails, hiking trips…in Sapa Vietnam. Sapa is the place where a large number of both Vietnamese and foreign tourists go to for hiking through the beautiful scenery of North Vietnam’s mountains. Most of travelers go to Sapa by[…]

Cuc Phuong National Park Trekking Tour Reviews

Trekking Cuc Phuong National Park Reviews – Cuc Phuong National Park is the centerpiece of Vietnam’s conservation efforts and one of the most accessible parks in the country. Vietnam’s largest and first national park, Cuc Phuong beauty and a few of its thousands of species of plants and animals can be seen with the help[…]

Mai Chau Trekking Tour Reviews

Mai Chau Trekking Tour Reviews – Mai Chau is located in Hoa Binh province, approximately 135 km from Hanoi and 60 km from Hoa Binh. The journey takes about three hours and a half from Hanoi. Mai Chau valley is surrounded by Thai villages scatting on the hill sides. Most of travelers come to Mai[…]

Pu Luong Nature Reserve Trekking Tour Reviews

The Pu Luong, belonging to Cuc Phuong mountain range, the largest remaining area of lowland limestone forest in northern Vietnam, is an important example of Limestone Karst, ecosystems renowned for their complexity, richness and beauty. Trekking tours to Pu Luong national park can be arranged in three or four days. The tours should be arranged[…]

Bac Ha Hiking Tour Reviews

Bac Ha is much less developed for tourism than Sapa. It is in an ideal location for both hiking and visiting local ethnic market. The Can Cau and Bac Ha markets, in particular, feature local scenes that have been going on every week for generations, where cattle, horses, goats and dogs are bought and sold,[…]

Cao Bang Trekking Tour Reviews

Cao Bang is a northern mountainous province consisting of 13 districts and 1 town. It shares a 311-km-long borderline with China and has an area of 6,690.72 square kilometres. The Cao Bang province can only be reached by the road. The best time for travelling to Cao Bang is the winter starting from October until[…]

Ha Giang Trekking Tour Reviews

Ha Giang Trekking Tour Reviews – Ha Giang Province is located in the northern mountainous border area. It borders China in the north, Tuyen Quang Province in the south, Cao Bang Province in the east, and Yen Bai and Lao Cai Provinces in the west. The mountainous and hilly terrain causes difficulties for travel and[…]

Trekking Mai Chau Vietnam Reviews

Trekking Mai Chau Vietnam Reviews – Vietnam offers a wide selection of places where trekking, hiking tours can be arranged throughout the year. Mai Chau is the closest place near Hanoi where different treks are provided by local tour operator. The drive from Hanoi to Mai Chau valley takes only three hours and a half.[…]

Trek Vietnam Reviews

Trek Vietnam Reviews is about offering tips, advices, testimonials, feedbacks and comments on any trekking, hiking tours in Vietnam. Vietnam offers lots of beautiful places for trekking lovers. Trekking destinations can be found in all the three regions of Vietnam, the North, the Center and the South.  The most popular destinations for hiking in Northern[…]

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