August 14, 2018

Food allergy

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Hanna B asked 3 years ago

I have a food allergy, can this be catered for?

1 Answers
Kevin HV Staff answered 3 years ago

We have received plenty of clients who have allergies to nuts, wheat, etc. Please let us know your allergy at the time of booking, so that we will inform our homestay hosts or our cooks to pay attention when they prepare the meals for you. Please indicate the severity of the reaction and what type of medicines you have to take in an emergency. If your allergy is severe you must be accompanied by a friend on the trek who is aware of your allergy and the location of any required medicines. Due to the nature of the remote geographical location of the hiking trail and the lack of suitable nearby medical facilities Hiking Vietnam will not accept any responsibility, either directly or indirectly, for any problems due to your special medical/dietary requirements. We suggest that you to check with your doctor before booking the trek.