November 20, 2017

How to book a tour?

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Emily Tran asked 4 years ago

How to book a tour? What are the booking steps?

1 Answers
Kevin HV Staff answered 4 years ago

In order to make your search easier and less painful among our giant pages of treks, we are happy to write below our simple booking guide. Submitting a tour inquiry is not an act of reserving a tour, but rather a way of establishing communication with our local travel consultant who will be helping with your tour. Tour booking will be confirmed with payment only when you are totally delighted with your personalized tour plan.
Our website is designed to give you an idea of the wealth of tour possibilities we offer. We have suggested some itineraries for each region, and these can be used as a basis for your trip or you may prefer to create your own itinerary.
The following these steps simply show you how to book a tour with us.