Vietnam Market Tours

Vietnam Market Tours is a collection of top Vietnam tours we arrange in Vietnam, offering you the chance to visit several ethnic markets in the northern Vietnam as well as floating markets in the Mekong Delta.

The markets in Vietnam northern highland areas where several Vietnamese ethnic groups come to trade and socialize. For many of them, the market is not only a commercial place, but also a place of festival. Going to the market is not only for buying or selling something, but also to meet other people. They usually wear their nicest clothes and sometimes spend some days at the market. They may play their pan-flutes, dance, sing and meet new friends.

We at Hiking Vietnam arrange a wide range of Vietnam day tours starting from Sapa, Lao Cai, Bac Ha or Ha Giang. Find out how to plan the most enjoyable trip with our list of best Vietnam day tours to Can Cau market, Saturday, Bac Ha market, Muong Khuong market, Muong Hum market, Dong Van market, Quan Ba market, Meo Vac market, Sunday, Coc Ly market, Tuesday, Lung Khau Nhin market, Thursday, Cao Son market, Wednesday…

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