Ba Be National Park Tours

Ba Be National Park Tours is our collection of Vietnam best hikes we arrange in Ba Be national park, Bac Kan province, northern Vietnam.

Ba Be National Park is located in Bac Can Province, 240km from Hanoi and covers more than 23,000 hectares boasting waterfalls, rivers, deep valleys, lakes and caves set amid towering peaks. The area is home to many ethnic minority communities. Ba Be Lake is in fact three lakes linked by wide channels, about 8km long and 400m wide. The surface is always calm, making a boat trip a peaceful experience.

Ba Be National Park is considered by both native Vietnamese and visitors to be the best trekking area in Vietnam. The district is dominated by the Pia Booc mountain range rising to a height of 1527m. It is the combination of the scenery, from the karst outcrops clad in rich vegetation, to the paddy fields carpeting the lower slopes of the Na Nghe Mountains. The rich variety of flora and fauna and the relationship between the ethnic minority and nature, which together make this a unique and rewarding trekking location.

Most of our Ba Be National Park tours are the combination of Vietnam classic tours and trekking tours which range from three days to five days, or even longer. Ba Be National Park Trekking Tours usually include a 3 hour boat trip on Ba Be Lake, and a half day, or one day trek to discover the surrounding hill tribe villages.

Hiking Vietnam also provides other activities in Ba Be district such as river kayaking, homestay, mountain biking. Just follow the itineraries below or contact us for a customization.