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Lotussia Travel is a Hanoi based tour operator offering a wide selection of guided Vietnam trekking tours, Sapa Vietnam trekking tours. Most of our Vietnam hiking tours are designed by our local experts. Whether you need a day hike, short hike Vietnam or long Vietnam hike we can customize an itinerary that fits your travel needs.
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The joy of tailor-made travel is that your entire holiday is designed around your requirements basing on your personal needs and budget, so you are not tied to the set itinerary of a group. This allows you to explore your own interests, your own plan and select your own style of accommodation.

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Hiking in Vietnam spans the entire hiking spectrum, from easy walks through rural villages to serious, long-distance jungle treks. This is where you can hike through highland valleys, along terraced rice paddies and underneath towering limestone mountain ranges.

Hiking in Vietnam

What's best place to hike? Vietnam top hiking trails, walking destinations for small group of hikers? Get inspired by our suggestions below.
  • Trekking in Mai Chau

    trekking hiking mai chau vietnam

    Mai Chau is known for no difficult hiking, relaxation, rural scenery, stilt houses, and calm. Most of the hiking trails in Mai Chau are beginner level trails. If you’re looking for hard-core exploration, Mai Chau is not the place.

    Mai Chau is a rural district of Hoa Binh Province in the Northwest region of Vietnam. The district is located at about 160 km from Hanoi, 65 km from the provincial capital of Hoa Binh. The peaceful scenery of Mai Chau and the rich culture of the White Thai attract many tourists.

    trekking hiking mai chau vietnam
    Trekking in Mai Chau
    Trekking in Vietnam
  • Trekking in Lai Chau

    trekking hiking lai chau vietnam

    Lai Chau is an off the beaten path travel destination that offers some of the most beautiful day hikes in Vietnam. There is plenty to amuse the eye on a Lai Chau day hike, from the striking limestone mountains which reach into the distance in misty shades of green and green, to the plentiful waterfalls and village life.

    Lai Chau province is situated on high mountainous region in the North West of Vietnam, sharing its border with Yunna (China) on the north, Laos on the west, Lao Cai Province on the north-east, Dien Bien, Son La provinces on the south.

    trekking hiking lai chau vietnam
    Trekking in Lai Chau
    Trekking in Vietnam
  • Trekking in Ha Giang

    trekking, hiking ha giang vietnam

    Ha Giang is a perfect hiking destination in Vietnam thanks to the pine forests, granite mountains, quiet farming villages, and heavenly views are offered in the region. The trekking routes in Ha Giang fall far enough from the tourist circuit, so you can wander its mountainsides uninterrupted for days at a time, and local interactions are based on mutual curiosity rather than commerce.

    Ha Giang is bounded by Cao Bang, Tuyen Quang, Lao Cai, and Yen Bai provinces and has common international border with China in the north. Ha Giang has many high rocky mountains, limestone formations and springs. The topography of the province of Ha Giang is fairly complex with “temperate, but highly localized montane weather patterns create variable conditions among different regions”.

    trekking, hiking ha giang vietnam
    Trekking in Ha Giang
    Trekking in Vietnam
  • Climbing Mt Fansipan

    mt fansipan climb, mountain hiking, vietnam

    Climbing Mt Fansipan was one of the most challenging travel activity around Sapa, before the Fansipan Legend cable car was open in 2016. Therefore you can still conquer the summit by taking a hiking tour from Sapa. Depending on how much time you have, and how fit you are the adventure can be arranged in one day, two days, three days or even 4 days.

    At 3,143 metres (10,312 ft), Mt Fansipan is the highest mountain in the Indochinese Peninsula (comprising Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia), hence its nickname “the Roof of Indochina”. It is located in the Lao Cai Province of the Northwest region of Vietnam, 9 km southwest of Sapa Township in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range.

    mt fansipan climb, mountain hiking, vietnam
    Climbing Mt Fansipan
    Trekking in Vietnam
  • Hiking in Da Lat

    da lat, dalat trekking, hiking

    Da Lat is the best place to take a hike in the central highlands of Vietnam. The all-year-round fresh air, beautiful nature, mountainous landscape, and the rich ethnic culture make Dalat a perfect hiking destination.

    Da Lat, or Dalat is the capital of Lam Dong Province in Vietnam. The city is located 1,500 m (4,900 ft) above sea level on the Langbian Plateau in the southern parts of the Central Highlands region.

    Da Lat’s specific sights are pine wood with twisting roads and tree marigold blossom in the winter. The city’s temperate weather stands in contrast to Vietnam’s otherwise tropical climate. Mist covering the valleys almost year-round leads to its name “City of Eternal Spring”.

    da lat, dalat trekking, hiking
    Hiking in Da Lat
    Trekking in Vietnam
  • Hiking in Cao Bang

    cao bang hiking, trekking, vietnam

    With breathtaking landscapes made up of limestone mountains, rice terraces, wild rivers, waterfalls and caves Cao Bang ranks the top hiking destination in Vietnam. The province is also home to many ethnic minorities that have kept their unique traditions.

    Cao Bang located in the northern part of Vietnam has borders with Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, Bac Kan, and Lang Son provinces. It also has a common international border with the Guangxi province of the People’s Republic of China. The main town is also named Cao Bang.

    cao bang hiking, trekking, vietnam
    Hiking in Cao Bang
    Trekking in Vietnam
  • Bach Ma National Park Hike

    bach ma national park hike

    Bach Ma national park is the best place to hike in Thua Thien Hue province, central Vietnam. The day hike offers very beautiful forest and rivers, some lovely (but cold) swimming holes, and fantastic views from the top. The trail down to the 5 lakes is steep & difficult but there are good ropes in place, bring some decent shoes & be prepared to get wet feet.

    Bach Ma National Park is a protected area in central Vietnam, near the city of Hue. It covers 220 km2 and comprises three zones: a strictly protected core area, an administrative area and a buffer zone. The park can be accessed by foot, moped or with a park guide’s car.

    bach ma national park hike
    Bach Ma National Park Hike
    Trekking in Vietnam
  • Ba Be National Park Hike

    ba be national park trekking, hiking

    Trekking in Ba Be National Park is the best way to explore the park wild life as well as to experience the rich ethnic culture. Walking on the forest trails that locals have traveled for years, taking a boat trip on Ba Be lake…

    Ba Be National Park is a nature reserve which is located in Ba Be district, Bac Kan province, Northeast region of Vietnam. The Ba Be national park is set up to protect a freshwater lake, the Ba Be lake along with surrounding limestone and lowland evergreen forests. It is located about 240 kilometers northwest of the capital city Hanoi.

    ba be national park trekking, hiking
    Ba Be National Park Hike
    Trekking in Vietnam
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Hiking in Vietnam reveals a land of diverse contracts, beautiful scenery, friendly people and rich ethnic culture. The most popular destinations for jungle trekking Vietnam are located in the northern Vietnam such as Sapa, Mai Chau, Cao Bang, Ha Giang. Dalat, Kon Tum, Pleiku in the central highlands can also be good places for authentic Vietnam hiking.

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