April 1, 2016

Why Us

Booking your tailor-made trip with Hiking Vietnam guarantees a journey that has been thoroughly planned by a local travel expert with in-depth knowledge of the region, and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and customer service.

Private trips

All our clients travel at their own pace rather than being made to fit in with a group schedule, and local travel arrangements are made using private tour guides and drivers wherever possible.


When we inspect new destinations to be included on our hiking tours, we know that safety comes first.

Vehicles, trekking equipment and accommodation also have to be safe.

Experienced guides

The quality of your guide can make the difference between a good trip and an exceptional one. Our trekking guides are all local Vietnamese people. They have a good knowledge of the local safety status and potential dangers.

Our guides possess a wealth of knowledge and passion for their work. They share real experiences from their own lives, their families, influences, and beliefs, which provide a deeper understanding of the local culture and people.

By choosing one of our guides, you ensure that you have an authentic and passionate travel companion. They know the best itineraries and will surprise you with hidden corners and stunning landscapes. They are also trained to handle unexpected situations and respond to your needs and inquiries during the trip.

Not only will you witness the natural beauty of your chosen destination, but you will also learn about the history, traditions, and everyday life of local communities. Our guides are committed to sustainability and respect for the natural and cultural environment. They will encourage you to be mindful of your footprint and to interact responsibly with the places you visit.

Local insights

All our travel consultants are also local. They come from our destination. Many of them have worked as a tour guide before joining our office team. They have been to different corners of Vietnam. They trekked in the mountains, they stayed with the hill tribes…

They have engaged their life with the local people of different regions of Vietnam. They are local and they have the local insights.

Tailor-made trips

The joy of tailor-made travel is that your entire holiday is designed around your requirements basing on your personal needs and budget, so you are not tied to the set itinerary of a group.

Our tailor-made trips allow you to explore your own interests, your own plan and select your own style of accommodation, with our specialists’ knowledge always at your disposal.

Smaller group size

Smaller group sizes mean more personalized services. We have limited our group size to a maximum of six guests, unless you request more for your owned group.

Six people just fit a 16 seat minibus. The group is smaller, you will receive more individual attention throughout the trip and, when sightseeing, you will be closer to your local tour guide for more in-depth experience. The tour guide will be able to take care much better of you.

Value for money service

We have developed strong relationships with local suppliers in our destinations enabling us to offer you competitive travel packages. We guarantee to offer you the competitive rates at the premium service quality level in the market. We are not competing by dumping prices in line with lowering the service quality.

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