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Lai Chau Tours is a collection of top Vietnam tours we arrange in Lai Chau Vietnam including Lai Chau trekking tour, Lai Chau hiking tour, homestay, market day tour from Sapa, Hanoi, and Dien Bien Phu.

Lai Chau is situated on high mountainous region in the North West of Viet Nam, in the northern of the Black River. Its neighbors are Yunna (China) on the north, Dien Bien, Laos on the west, Lao Cai Province on the north-east, Yen Bai, Son La provinces on the south.

There are sloping mountains, hill, valley, plateau, spring alternately. Falls and waterfalls with high flow are potential of hydroelectricity in Lai Chau. Pu Ta Leng mountain, at 3,096m in height is the highest peak in the province. Among others, some plateaus such as Sin Ho, Ta Phinh, Dao San are even higher than 1,500m, thus being covered in cloud and purely cool atmosphere all the time. Thac Tinh is the most popular waterfall, which is higher than 50m with 2 classes, and frequently full of water flows, bringing a magnificent picture of natural beauty. The fanciful villages of ethnic minorities on the banks of the River are gathering in picturesque scenery.

We at Hiking Vietnam provide a wide range of private guided Lai Chau tours, offering a chance to discover Lai Chau hidden gems including O Quy Ho Pass, Chu Va Mountain, Muong Thanh rice field, Lai Chau Hydropower, Sin Ho plateau, Da and Nam Na rivers, Pu Sam Cap Cave, the villages of Na Luong, Hon, Vang Pheo, Tac Tinh Waterfall, Vang Po hot springs, Pu Ta Leng peak, and Bach Moc Luong Tu mountain. There are plenty of unique hiking tours and outdoor activities in Vietnam to suit just about any interest, budget, and group size. Just follow an itinerary on the list below or contact us for a customization.

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