September 12, 2016

Fansipan Climb

mt fansipan climb

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Fansipan climb is one of the most challenging activity in Vietnam. Although there is now the cable cab which can take you up to the summit, but the hiking trail is still available. We at Lotussia provide different packages and information such as Fansipan climbing tour, climbing Fansipan in one day, climbing Fansipan mountain, climbing Fansipan sapa, Fansipan summit climbing, Fansipan mountain climb, climb mount Fansipan, climb mount Fansipan vietnam, hike Fansipan vietnam, mt Fansipan hike, Fansipan hiking package.

Mt Fansipan Map

Fansipan Mountain has long been the best destination in Vietnam for those who is fond of challenging jungle trek and mountain hiking.

At 3143m Mt Fansipan is the highest peak in Vietnam and the entire Indochina peninsula. To successfully conquer the highest peak, mountaineers need to be in good shape and properly equipped with such things as sleeping bags, waterproof tents, food, stove, raincoat, and other miscellaneous survival gear.

Climbing mont Fansipan is not an easy activity. The hiking tours are not designed for everyone. Trekkers are required to have a good health, and pre-trip training. People who have heart problems are not encouraged to join in the adventure.

Fansipan Mountain when to climb

The best time to climb Mr Fansipan is the dry season starting from late September to early May. During this time, October, November, February and March are the four best months for climbing Fansipan.

The warmest months are July and August, and the coldest months are December and January. Snow falls in some years on the highest peaks.

In common with the rest of northern Vietnam, Hoang Lien Nature Reserve experiences a marked wet season from May to September, with the heaviest rainfall occurring in July and August. Mean annual rainfall is 2,763 mm, with a high of 4,023mm and a low of 2,064mm. Humidity ranges from 75 to 91 percent with a yearly mean of 86 percent.

Fansipan trekking tours

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