Bat Xat Photos: Muong Hum Market, Rice Terrace, Hiking Tour

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Bat Xat Photos: Muong Hum Market, Rice Terrace, Hiking Tour is a photo gallery of pictures and photos we took in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, northern Vietnam. In this photography gallery there are not only images of our Bat Xat hiking tour, but also other pictures of the region highlights such as Muong Hum market, rice terrace, hill tribe villages, mountain scenery, Lung Po, Lung Lo, Lao Chai, Den Sang, Muong Hum and Ban Xeo, each featuring the unique culture of different ethnic groups and becoming a must-see destination for foreign visitors.

Located in the southwest part of Lao Cai province, Bat Xat is famous for its Y Ty primary forest and A Mu Sung Mountain. Visitors can take a nearly 150-kilometre journey by car or motorbike to visit Sapa and Bat Xat or Y Ty and Muong Hum communes and explore the stunning landscapes and vibrant cultural lifestyle of ethnic minority people such as Giay, Dao, Mong and Ha Nhi.

The photo gallery is contributed by our local team of tour guide, driver, customers, partners, and hikers who have been to Bat Xat, Lao Cai Vietnam. Please do not hesitate contact us if you need high-resolution photos of Bat Xat.

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Bat Xat Tours

The following itineraries are only some suggestions that we customize in Bat Xat, giving you an idea of what to see and do in the region. These trips include not only hiking, trekking activity, but also many other attractions, highlights that are offered in the area.

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Explore more the region with our suggestions below.

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