Budget Hotels in Sapa Vietnam

Lotus Hotel

With architecture relecting the style of Sapa, it provides not only great service, but is also one of the more reasonably priced places to stay – ideal for backpackers!

Viet Hoa Hotel

The hotel is built using French architecture, and located on the way to Bac Waterfall. The hotel sits at a height, which provides you a helicopter view on Sapa town!

Tulip Guesthouse

This small and family-run hotel sits at the foot of the Ham Rong Mountain. The hotel is designed with the oriental famous Fengshui (Chinese geomancy, which means “earth divination”).

Violet Hotel

Violet hotel is a small hotel providing a wide range of services, including tours and transportation. Located on the way to Sapa’s most famous ethnic minorityvillages, rooms are decorated with Sapa’s typical style, offering views of the Viloet valley and Fansipan mount.

Bagette & Chocolate Guesthouse

Bagatte & Chocolate is a hotel designed in true French style. It is located in a great spot, allowing easy access and wonderful views of Sa Pa town and Fansipan top of Hoang Lien Son Mountain.

Hoa Dao Hotel

Hoa Dao is located right near the park of Sapa. It has 26 rooms & has a variety of other services such as a restaurant, a traditional herbal bath, and transportation.

Mountain View Hotel

Having one of the best mountain views of any of the hotels in Sapa, the hotel has become one of the most popular meeting places for independent travellers staying in Sapa.

Giac Mo Hong (Pink Dream) Hotel

This is a small hotel located in downtown Sapa, and surrounded by restaurants, market and internet cafes. Ideal choice for budget travellers.

Hieu Thao Hotel

Hieu Thao is a new small family run hotel with 10 rooms. Located on the way to Silver waterfall, it is quite quiet and have beatiful view of town and mountain. It offers nice and clean rooms.

Gecko Guesthouse

Gecko hotel is the sister business of the famous Gecko restaurant, which has a French owner. That’s why travellers coming from western countries call this home in Sapa.

Hoang Long Hotel

Set in the quietest corner of Cau May street, also called, ‘the Sapa hotel street’, the hotel has an open view overlooking the Violet valley and Fansipan mount.

Southern Hotel

Located on the way to the famous destination Cat cat, Southern Hotel offers wonderful view of Violet valley and Hoang Lien National Park. A famaily-run hotel with 20 standard rooms, designed to give tourists pleasant nights in Sapa.

Anh Dao Hotel

Anh Dao Hotel is related to the famous restaurant called Fansipan. Good place for tourists who want to get budget priced accommodation, and located right in the center of town.

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