Ngan Son Bac Kan

Ngan Son is a district of Bac Kan Province in the northeast region of Vietnam. The district covers an area of 644 km², offering beautiful off the beaten path hiking trips in north Vietnam. If you look for Ngan Son treks, Ngan Son hikes, hiking Ngan Son Vietnam, Ngan Son trekking tours, Ngan Son trekking homestay we at Hiking Vietnam can arrange a private, guided tour for you.

Ngan Son Bac Kan map

Ngan Son distric is divided into 1 township and 10 communes including Ngan Son, Huong Ne, Lang Ngam, Thuan Mang, Thuong Quan, Duc Van, Van Tung, Trung Hoa, Coc Dan, Thuong An, Bang Van.

Getting there

The best way to get Ngan Son from Hanoi is to rent a car with driver. You will be picked up at your place in Hanoi and brought to Ngan Son. Those who are on budget can take local bus from My Dinh bus station to Bac Kan township. From there, either take other local bus to Ngan Son (few departure a day) or take a motor-taxi which can be available almost any time.

Taking a guided tour (with a tour guide) is highly recommended, especially when you travel to an off the beaten path destination like Ngan Son.

Ngan Son weather

The climatic condition of Ngan Son is typically tropical monsoonal, which exhibits two distinct seasons namely, the rainy season from May to October accounting for about 88-90% of the annual rainfall and dry climatic conditions between November and April. This results in water shortage conditions during the dry months.

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Ngan Son hiking tours

Suggestion of Vietnam package tours, trekking, hiking itineraries are arranged in Ngan Son district, Bac Kan province.

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