Pho Yen Thai Nguyen

Pho Yen is a rural district of Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam. The district of Pho Yen covers an area of 257 square kilometres, and offers beautiful short excursions from Hanoi. Options include Pho Yen day trip from Hanoi, Pho Yen trek, Pho Yen hiking tour, trekking homestay in Pho Yen Thai Nguyen.

Pho Yen Thai Nguyen Map

Pho Yen contains 3 townships and 15 communes including Ba Hang, Bai Bong, Bac Son, Dac Son, Dong Cao, Dong Tien, Hong Tien, Minh Duc, Nam Tien, Phuc Thuan, Phuc Tan, Tan Huong, Tan Phu, Thanh Cong, Tien Phong, Thuan Thanh, Trung Thanh, and Van Phai.

Getting to Pho Yen Thai Nguyen

The best way to get to Pho Yen from Hanoi is to rent a car with driver. You will be picked up at your place in Hanoi and brought to your address/hotel in Pho Yen. Taking a taxi is a good alternative option. Choices are diverse as you have now meeter-taxi, Grab Taxi or Uber. Those who are on budget can take local public bus from Hanoi to Thai Nguyen city. Bus tickets can be bought at My Dinh bus station. Hanoi Thai Nguyen bus journey takes about 2 hours on road. Once arrival in Thai Nguyen, you can either take another internal bus or motor-taxi to travel to Song Con.

Booking a guided tour (with a tour guide) is highly recommended, especially when you travel to an off the beaten path destination like Pho Yen Vietnam.

Pho Yen Weather

The average temperatures in the hottest and the coldest months are 28.9 °C in June and 15.2 °C in January. The lowest recorded is 13.7 °C. Total number of sunny hours in a year is ranges between 1,300 and 1,750, which is equally distributed for months in a year. The climate of Pho Yen has two distinct seasons: the rainy season from May to October and dry season from October to May. The average rainfall per annum lies in the range of 2,000 to 2,500 mm; it rains most in August and least in January. Generally speaking, Pho Yen’s climate is favorable for developing agriculture and forestry.

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Thai Nguyen tours

Best Thai Nguyen tours including Thai Nguyen road trips, bike ride, motorcycle tours which are designed for small group tours, family holdiays, and those who look for different, off the beaten path trip in the northern Vietnam. Traveling these tours you will have the chance to discover Pho Yen town as well as other non-touristy places in Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam.

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