January 31, 2011

Difficulty Levels

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All of our tours which include a significant element of walking are considered to be treks. These range from extended trips into remote mountainous areas, with a full trek crew and porter support, to short hotel-based holidays involving a series of day-hikes. The following grades should be considered in conjunction with each individual holiday description.

Easy Hikes

Involves trekking for up to four to five hours a day at a slow but steady pace and less than a week in duration. These treks are predominately on good paths and tracks and might include some easy pass crossings. You will need a reasonable level of fitness (remember there is no such thing as an easy trek).

Moderate Hikes

Involves trekking for up to seven hours a day at a steady pace and are usually between 8 to 12 days in duration. These treks are suitable for most hillwalkers and generally involving some trekking at moderate altitude, on fairly difficult terrain. A reasonable level of fitness is required as these treks can involve considerable amounts of ascent and descent and the occasional difficult day.

Challenging Hikes

Involves trekking in remote areas and at higher altitude (there is no extreme altitude in Vietnam and Indochina. The highest mountain peak is 3143m) for up to eight hours a day. These treks might be over two weeks in duration and might include difficult pass crossings and/or river crossings. A high level of fitness and previous trekking experience is essential.

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