North Vietnam Hiking: Lai Chau

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North Vietnam Hiking: Lai Chau is situated at the altitude of 1,500m above sea level, comprising high mountains, pure streams and rivers. Lai Chau province shares borderline with Yun Nan province of China in about 273 km to the North, Son La province, Dien Bien province to the west and south, and Lao Cai province to the east.

Travelers coming to Lai Chau may choose between following the main road, the national 12th highway (from Dien Bien Phu town to Ma Lu Thang border gate in Lai Chau), or the 4D road (from Sapa to Lai Chau).

Lai Chau province offers a wide selection trekking, hiking tours ranging from a day trekking tours to multi-day treks. Lai Chau province seduces adventure hikers not only by the beautiful landscape, the wild beauty of the nature but also by the diversity of ethnic traditions.

The natural landscape is the accommodation of more than 20 ethnic minorities. Lots of ethnic people still keep their unique original tradition and custom, making the local culture diversified and worth a study.

Most of the trekking tours are arranged in Phong Tho, Tam Duong area while some other treks are provided in Sin Ho, Muong Lay areas.

Booking a Lai Chau trek, travelers will also have the opportunity to assist to a local market, the most significant activity in life, which take place in the Thursday and Sunday morning. People from many tribes get together here in colorful clothes early in the foggy morning. Seen from above, the market looks like a flower with thousands of colors. The goods to be transacted are the local specialties, such as chickens, pork, honey, rice, tea, etc.

A guided trekking tour is highly recommended for hikers since the area is not touristy. The places where trekking tours are provided are located far from the crow. Local villagers do not speak English. A permit or authorization is required for visiting this remote villages, are situated just by the border.

The best period to do a trek to Lai Chau province is the winter season starting from October until April the following year. During this period, the weather is cool with little rain. Although it becomes toughly cold when there is the monsoon coming from China, the rain does not last for several days.

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