Pac Ngoi Homestay – Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National park is located about 5 hour drive from Hanoi. Most of travelers going to Ba Be national park spend a night a the park guest house. But active adventure travelers preferring experience a night at a local house of the Tay people.

Situated in Bac Kan province, Pac Ngoi Village has more than 40 traditional stilt houses locating on the slope of mountains which surround Ba Be Lake, emphasizing the beauty of this famous eco-tourism destination. The best homestays that can be lodge foreign tourists are located in Pac Ngoi village, nestled by a small river leading to the Ba Be lakes, part of the Ba Be national park.

This is a small village, inhabited by the Tay people. Houses are built of wooden, are style of stilt house.

Pac Ngoi Village


Pac Ngoi Homestay

There are different homestay in Pac Ngoi village. Below are some picture of the two houses on stilts where most of our customers are lodged.

Homestay 1: View from the street.


The #2 Homestay: Riverside view


Travelers share the same house with the family, sleep on wooden floor with private bedding setup. Soft mattress and mosquito net are provided by the house.


This is the kitchen where your simple food is prepared by the host.


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