Mai Chau Homestay

Mai Chau is located about 4 hour drive from Hanoi. While most foreign travelers come to Mai Chau for a either a trek or a bike, many Vietnamese tourists just come at the weekend.

Although Mai Chau is the name of the district of Mai Chau, belongs to Hoa Binh province, many people think this is a small Thai village is nestled in a green valley.

About fifteen years ago, the Lac village was the first place in Mai Chau where foreign tourists were lodged. There are more and more tourists coming to Mai Chau and now there are homestays in both Lac and Poom Coong villages.

These are house on stilt. Travelers share the house with family. They sleep on the bamboo floor with private bedding setup. The bath room is located outside the house. There is now hot water available.

Here are some pictures of these homestays in Mai Chau.

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