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Tan Yen is a mountainous district of Bac Giang province. The district is located about a half hour drive from Bac Giang city center. This might not be an ideal place for hiking in Vietnam. If you look for Tan Yen hikes, hiking Tan Yen Bac Giang, Tan Yen trekking tour, Tan Yen trek you should consider Son Dong district in Bac Giang or other trekking destinations in Vietnam.

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Tan Yen is home of several talented people and many insurrections against the feudal regime under the Nguyen Dynasty in many areas like Yen The, Hiep Hoa, and Kim Anh. Among these insurrections, there is one uprising insurrection which was directed by Thong Thai during the beginning of the 19th.

Cau Vong Festival, one of the most famous festival in Bac Giang province takes place on the 15th day of the first lunar month in Tan Yen District. The festival is held to commemorate the excellence of generals who led Vietnamese people in resistances against colonialism. Usually, people will come to Tan Yen on the day before the festival starts. The festival begins with opening and worshipping ceremonies. After that, many attractive performances are performed vividly. Traditional games and activities like wrestling, swinging, and competitions of chess-playing also attract a lot of visitors.

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