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Vietnam trekking tours Sapa is a collection of trekking hiking tours Hiking Vietnam organizes in Sapa area Vietnam. The following tours are only some sample trekking tours we try to customize in Sapa Vietnam. There are half day trekking tours, one day trekking, two-day trekking tours, three day trekking tours and even longer.

Sapa is the place where a large number of both Vietnamese and foreign tourists go to for trekking through the beautiful scenery of North Vietnam’s mountains. Sapa is quite high in the mountains – thus the climate is much cooler than in the lowlands. In winter, Sapa is one of the only places in Vietnam where it actually snows from time to time. Also, the weather can be quite unpredictable – a clear and warm day may well be followed by a foggy and damp day.

Most of travelers go to Sapa by train. They take the overnight train on Friday evening and take the train back to Hanoi on Sunday evening. The trains going to Laocai are usually full during weekend or during the period of public holiday.

For those who have a longer holidays in Vietnam, going to Sapa by road may be a better option. Because the road journey offers travelers the opportunity to visit the untouched landscapes that are located on both sides of the road.

Most of the Vietnam trekking tours Sapa begin from the Sapa town. Booking a local English-speaking tour guide is highly recommended. Because the local traditions and customs are also a highlight for any visit to Sapa. The tour guide come from the area and he/she knows the culture. Local H’mong porters and other trekking equipment, hiking gears are necessary for long treks.

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