Vietnam Hiking Trail

There are a wide selection of trekking hiking trails in Vietnam. Trekking hiking trails are available in all the three regions of Vietnam – the North, the Center and the South. The trekking hiking trails are spectacular in northern area. All the trek tours start in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. You will need to[…]

Sapa Trek Vietnam

Sapa trek Vietnam is a page about trekking, hiking in Sapa Vietnam. Sapa is the place where a large number of tourists go to from Hanoi for trekking through the beautiful scenery of North Vietnam’s mountains. The trains going to Laocai are usually full during weekend or Vietnamese public holiday. While the town itself is[…]

Elephant Trek Vietnam

The only place where the elephant trek is available in Vietnam is the Vietnam central highlands. The area covers Buon Ma Thuot, Kon Tum, Pleiku are home to elephant. Lotussia Travel offers elephant trek tours in Vietnam. There is no direct flight from foreign airports to the Vietnam central highlands. So that if you would[…]

Charity Trek Vietnam

Charity Trek Vietnam is a collection of charity trek tours Lotussia Travel arrange for both its customers and foreign organizations in Vietnam to raise money. Most of charity treks are arranged in the mountainous areas where life conditions are simple. Joining the charity trek Vietnam, you can experience the real Vietnam and also help local[…]

Trek Vietnam holiday

Vietnam offers lots of outdoor activities for you to spend your holiday in Vietnam. The most popular holiday activity is trekking. Trek Vietnam holiday offers useful information about the trekking in Vietnam such as trekking destinations, trek tours, when to trek, where to trek, what to bring for a trek tour in Vietnam. Where to[…]

Trek Vietnam Lao Cai

Laocai town of Lao Cai province is easily reached from Hanoi by regular overnight trains. Most of the train depart Hanoi train station in the evening at about 20:00 and arrive Laocai train station early morning (next day). There is no trek tour in Lao Cai town itself. Most travelers go to Laocai then travel[…]

Trek Vienam Tours

Trek Vietnam Tours is the biggest collection of trekking hiking tours Lotussia Travel arrange in all over Vietnam. Trek Vietnam tours are categorized by trekking destination. For example, all the trekking hiking tours in/through Ha Giang province will be listed in Ha Giang trekking tours. That will be easy for you to find the right[…]

Trek Vietnam adventure

Vietnam offers a wide selection of outdoor activities for those who look for active adventure holidays in Vietnam. The most popular outdoor activity is to trek through hill tribe villages, meeting up with local friendly people. Adventure activity is not only to trek from day to day, but to experience landscapes, local culture and traditions[…]

Sapa Vietnam Trekking Tours

Sapa Vietnam trekking tours is a collection of trekking hiking tours we offer in Sapa, northern Vietnam. Sapa trekking tours can be filtered by half-day trekking tour, one-day trekking tour, two-day trekking tour, three-day trekking tour, four-day trekking tour, five day trekking tour, six-day trekking tour and longer tours. Sapa may well be called the[…]

Vietnam Trekking Tours Bac Ha

Vietnam Trekking Tours Bac Ha is a collection of trekking hiking tours we arrange in Bac Ha, northern Vietnam. Bac Ha is much less developed for tourism than Sapa. It is in an ideal location for off-the-beaten-track treks to visit colourful weekly markets. The Can Cau and Bac Ha markets, in particular, feature local scenes[…]

Vietnam Trekking Tours Halong Bay

Halong Bay is located in the northeastern part of Vietnam and constitutes part of the western bank of Bac Bo Gulf, including the sea area of Halong City, Cam Pha Town and part of Van Don island district, Quang Ninh Province. Halong bay is a popular destination for boat trips, junk cruises and sea kayaking[…]

Vietnam trekking tours Hanoi

Vietnam trekking tours Hanoi is a collection of trekking, hiking tours departing from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. There are many places for trekking starting from Hanoi such as Mai Chau valley, Pu Luong nature reserve, Tam Dao national park, Cat Ba national park… For those who don’t have much time but still love having[…]