Trek Northern Vietnam: Cao Bang

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Trek Northern Vietnam: Cao Bang is a northern mountainous province consisting of 13 districts and 1 town. It shares a 311-km-long borderline with China and has an area of 6,690.72 square kilometres. The Cao Bang province can only be reached by the road.

The best time for travelling to Cao Bang is the winter starting from October until April of the following year. During this period, the temperature is cool with little rain.

The Cao Bang province offers a wide selection of tours such as trekking tours, bicycle tours, motorcycle tours and sightseeing culture tours. Travelers are easily impressed by the wild beauty of the nature and the beautiful landscape of Cao Bang.

The most popular Cao Bang trekking tours are arranged in Quang Hoa district, in the eastern area of Cao Bang. Many guided trek tours are provided with departure from Hanoi. Only three days or four days are needed to do the trek. The trekkers will go through local Tay and Nung villages, walk on the foot of karst mountains, sleep in the local house and eat local food.

Other place is also well known for Cao Bang Trekking fan, this is the trekking trail which starts from Ta Lung, in the north-eastern area of Cao Bang. The trekker will trek from Ta Lung, through Dong Khe, That Khe to Lang Son province where the vehicle is ready for pick them up again for the journey back to Hanoi.

Cao Bang is also a province that is located on the frontier border where your safety is our prime concern. All the trekking tours to Cao Bang province should be arranged with English-speaking tour guide, local porter and cook. The tours should be limited at small size for not impacting badly in the environment.

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