Bidoup Nui Ba National Park

bidoup nui ba national park vietnam

Bidoup Nui Ba National Park is situated in Lac Duong District, Lam Dong province in the central highlands of Vietnam. The park covers an area of 63,938 hectares, offering beautiful sceneries, stunning waterfalls, and diverse natural resources.

Established in 2004, the name of this park derives from Bidoup Mountain is the highest mountain on Lam Vien Plateau, and B Mountain (the highest mountain in Da Lat). The park’s three mountain tops form the roof of the Indochinese peninsula: Mt. Lang Bian at 2,189m, Bidoup at 2,278m and Cong Troi, or Heaven’s Gate, at 2,272m.

Bidoup Nui Ba National Park is one of 28 national parks in Vietnam which houses special kinds or rare bird of the world. The park ranks among the five largest national parks in Vietnam. According to biologists, because of the natural protection provided by the two mountain ranges, the national park is home to the oldest primordial forest in the Central Highlands. The park is also included in the list of four biological multiform centers of Vietnam.

Flora of Bidoup Nui Ba national park

91% of the park is covered by the forest with several plants and animal species. It is home to 1933 species of plants in which 62 species are in the Red Book o Vietnam. There are 96 primordial plants, 300 species of orchids, coniferous trees, pine forests, evergreen trees, bamboo groves, and grasslands. The park features 91 species in Lam Dong and other nearby areas, 9 species of dalatensis, 14 species of langbianensis, and 5 species of bidoupensis.

The park also possesses the largest orchid gene pool in the country, with 250 different species. Orchids that originated here take the mountains in their scientific names, such as dendrobium langbianense, oberonia langbianensis, elaeocarpus bidupensis and vanda bidupensis.

On Bidoup, across the valley from Nui Ba, the forest contains merkus pines, a variety unique to the Asian mainland and one of the rarest species of pine in the world. The trees’ trunks can measure 4m in diameter, and the trunks can reach up to 20m in length before branching out.

Fauna of Bidoup Nui Ba national park

Bidoup Nui Ba national park also houses many animals in which there are 56 species of precious animals, 47 species in the Red Book of Vietnam in 2007 and 30 species in the Red Book of IUCN in 2010. You may have chances to encounter animals on your Bidoup Nui Ba Jungle Trek such as black bears, yellow-cheeked gibbons, vampire flying frogs, etc.

Among the most distinctive features of Lang Bian forest are its bulls, which once reigned over the forest in herds of six or seven. Biologists believe that only one or two of these enormous creations, measuring 2.5m and weighing nearly one tonne, still live in the park.

The park is an ideal place for foreign and domestic biologists to study its ecosystem.

Thien Thai Waterfall

Thien Thai Waterfall is situated in the middle of the forest situated at Da Nhim Commune, Lac Duong District. It is said to have the God of Water or it is also considered as the “Country of the Immortals”. The Thien Thai Waterfall has strong streaming which leaves a lot of white bubbles around, creating picturesque sightseeing.

Bidoup Nui Ba Forest

Bidoup Nui Ba Forest is a thick forest offering breathtaking scenery, serenity, fresh air, and pure nature.

Bidoup Nui Ba Forest is well-known for a local legend in which a pregnant K’ho woman went to labor while picking up fruits in the forest of this area. She collected some leaves and made a bed of leaves where she could give birth. After that, she used the leaves to wrap her newborn baby and came back home. Seeing this brave mother and her newborn baby, the villagers were happy and celebrated that day.

Trekking in Bidoup Nui Ba national park

Trekking is the best way to discover the Bidoup Nui Ba national park. There are several hiking trails in the park. All these trails can be led by the local hill tribe people or the park’s ranger guide. Hiking in the forest enable you to interact with nature and aboriginal culture.

At night, nothing is greater than having a cup of rice wine by the campfire with your friends. You may have the chance to assist to traditional dance is performed by local K’ho girls in brocade dresses. They are willing to ask you to join in and teach you the basic steps of the gong dance.

Apart from trekking in Bidoup Nui Ba National Park, you can also take part in many other activities such as bird watching, wildlife viewing, rafting, kayaking, and mountain biking. Just follow the itinerary below or contact us for a customization.

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