Chu Mom Ray National Park

chu mom ray national park kon tum vietnam

Chu Mom Ray National Park lies in the two districts of Sa Thay and Ngoc Hoi in Kon Tum Province, central highlands of Vietnam. It is the only national park in Vietnam which shares the border with the two countries of Laos and Cambodia.

Chu Mom Ray National Park is formed from Chu Mom Ray Nature Reserve with an area of over 56,000ha. It has the highest biodiversity in the system of national parks in Viet Nam.

Map of Chu Mom Ray National Park

How to get to Chu Mom Ray National Park?

From Ho Chi Minh City.

The best way to get to Chu Mom Ray national park from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is to take a short flight from Tan Son Nhat airport to Pleiku. Vietnam Airlines runs 2 flights per day to Pleiku, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. From Plei Ku, visitors can rent a private car with driver or take a taxi or to get to the park.

From Hanoi.

The best way to get to Chu Mom Ray national park from Hanoi is to take an internal flight from Noi Bai airport to Pleiku or Buon Me Thuot. Vietnam Airlines runs one flight in the morning for both destinations. After you land at Buon Ma Thuot airport or Pleiku airport you can either take a cab or shuttle bus to get transferred to the park. We recommend you booking a private transfer in advance to make sure that there is a driver to wait for you when you arrive.

Best time to visit Chu Mom Ray National Park

The Vietnam Central Highlands region as well as Chu Mon Ray national park are characterized by two distinct seasons: the rainy and dry seasons. Both seasons are suitable for planning your trip to Chu Mom Ray. It depends on which travel activities you wish to include on your upcoming holiday (jungle trek, sightseeing, culture experience, wildlife discovery…).

If you come here in the rainy season (November to April of the following year) the trees will be green, you have chances to see the beautiful flower. However, it will be quite humid in the park. Besides, there are several insects which may ruin your trekking tour.

If coming here in the dry season, the vegetation might not be lively. The trees are not very green. But the dry weather will contributes to your great jungle trek.

Flora and Fauna System of Chu Mom Ray National Park

Chu Mom Ray National Park has nearly 1,500 flora species belonging to 154 families and 551 branches, of which 131 rare species such as orchards, gymnosperms, dipterocarp, nageia fleuryi, podocarpus annamiensis, dalbergia cochinchinensis, dalbergia oliveri…

The national park also owns diversified fauna system with 452 species including 115 species of mammals, 276 species of birds, 44 species of reptiles and 17 species of amphibians. The are 114 species listed in Red Book of Viet Nam and the world.

The Ja Book Valley in Chu Mon Ray National Park covering an area of over 9,000ha is home to many wild animals such as tigers, gayals, elephants, bulls, leopards, Truong Son cobras… and species of reptiles, amphibians.

Things to do in Chu Mom Ray National Park

Trekking in the forest

The best way to discover the park is to take a jungle trek in the primary forest of Chu Mom Ray Kon Tum. We recommend a private guided tour. Along with the local guide, you will learn more about the wildlife as well as history of this park.

Biodiversity hotspot

The park to its home to 1,500 flora species belonging to 154 families and 551 branches offering visitors a great chance to watch the wildlife. Especially in the evening, the park can organize night-spotting trips into the forest. These special tours offer opportunities to see the more elusive mammal species of the park including the deer, the herd of bushes, wild rabbits.

Community-based tourism

The forests of Chu Mon Ray are immensely important culturally, providing livelihood resources for local communities. However, the forests and its resources are under constant threat. Community-based ecotourism initiatives are beginning to turn marginalized communities into local stakeholders, creating incentives to support conservation. Why not take a trek to local hill tribe villages are inhabited by such ethnic groups as Gia rai (J’rai), Ba – Na (Bahnar), Roam, Ca Dong (the local group name of the Xo Dang)?

While in the village you will live as one of the family, eat together, have an opportunity to explore their culture. You may have a chance to join some traditional festival such as buffalo grapple festival, new rice festival of Ro-mam people, etc.

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