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Ba Che is a district of Quang Ninh Province in the north-east region of Vietnam. The district covers an area of 577 km². We at Hiking Vietnam run a few of off the beaten path trekking tours around this place. If you look for Ba Che treks please let us know your tour frame as well as your special travel requirements, we will tailor-make an itinerary that that fits your needs and budget.

Ba Che map

Ba Che is divided into 1 township and 7 communes including Ba Che, Don Dac, Nam Son, Dap Thanh, Minh Cam, Luong Mong, Thanh Lam, and Thanh Son.

Getting to Ba Che

The best way to get to Ba Che from Hanoi is to rent a car with driver. You will be picked up at your place in Hanoi and brought to Ba Che city. Those who are on budget can take a public bus from Hanoi to Ba Che.

Ba Che weather

Ba Che’s climate is symbolic of the climate of North Vietnam; featuring all four seasons. In summer, it is hot, humid and rainy, while monsoons flourish. The average annual temperature recorded is 22.9 °C. In winter, it is cold (between 1 and 3 °C), dry, and sees little rainfall (between 150 mm and 400 mm). The average humidity is 82 percent. Annual average rainfall, influenced by north-eastern monsoons, varies between 1,700 mm and 2,400 mm (maximum recorded is 2751 mm), with rainfall concentrated in the summer months for 90 to 170 days, particularly in July and August.

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Quang Ninh tours

Our collection of best Quang Ninh tours including not only Quang Ninh hiking tours, but also car trips, road trips, caving tours, bike ride, motorcycle tours we at Hiking Vietnam run in this region. Traveling these tours you will discover Quang Ninh province as well as other destinations in north east Vietnam.

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