Halong City

Halong is the capital city of Quang Ninh Province in the north-east region of Vietnam. Ha Long city was created when the old capital, Hon Gai, was merged with Bai Chay – the main tourist area. Halong city is best known for boat trip, cruise tours, and kayaking. There are fews mountain climbs which can be offered in Halong bay islets, and Yen Tu mountain. If you look for Halong treks, Halong hikes, hiking Halong Vietnam, Halong trekking tours, Halong hiking tours you should better travel further north to Cao Bang, Lang Son, or Ha Giang.

Halong City Map

Being a coastal city, it has unique potentials of tourism and seaport due to its land lies along the shore of Ha Long Bay of 50 km, and is 160 km to the north-east from Ha Noi, 60 km to the west from Hai Phong, 180 km to the east from Mong Cai international border gate, and bounded by the Tonkin Gulf to the south.

Ha Long city is divided into two parts: East Ha Long and West Ha Long. The eastern part (“Hon Gai”), where most of the official buildings and industry are concentrated, is connected by bridge with the western part (“Bai Chay”), considered to be more of a tourism attraction.

Ha Long City is divided into 20 wards including Ha Khanh, Ha Lam, Ha Trung, Ha Phong, Ha tu, Hong Hai, Cao Thang, Cao Xanh, Yet Kieu, Tran Hung Dao, Bach Dang, Hon Gai, Bai Chay, Hong Ha, Ha Khau, Gieng Day, Hung Thang, Tuan Chau, Viet Hung, and Dai Yen.

In the south of the city there is Bai Tho (‘Poem’) Mountain with its almost vertical seaward face, which was widely used by some famous local poets. The limestone peak is rich in bio-diversity and offers attractive views of the bay. There are also such places of interest as Cua Van Fishing Village, Hoang Gia Park, Ha Long Market, Bai Chay Trading Center, Quang Ninh Museum, Vietnam-Japan Cultural House, Children’s Cultural House.

Getting to Halong city

The best way to get to Halong from Hanoi is to rent a car with driver. You will be picked up at your place in Hanoi and brought to Halong city. Those who are on budget can take a public bus. Hanoi Halong bus journey takes about 4 hours on road. Boat teams provide shuttle bus Hanoi – Halong bay – Hanoi for its in-house guests.

Halong weather

Halong’s climate is symbolic of the climate of North Vietnam; featuring all four seasons. In summer, it is hot, humid and rainy, while monsoons flourish. The average annual temperature recorded is 22.9 °C. In winter, it is cold (between 1 and 3 °C), dry, and sees little rainfall (between 150 mm and 400 mm). The average humidity is 82 percent. Annual average rainfall, influenced by north-eastern monsoons, varies between 1,700 mm and 2,400 mm (maximum recorded is 2751 mm), with rainfall concentrated in the summer months for 90 to 170 days, particularly in July and August.

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