Vietnam Hiking Adventure

Vietnam offers a wide selection of outdoor adventure activities including jungle trekking, mountain hiking, countryside cycle, scuba diving, snorkeling, motorcycle touring, rock climbing and more.

Hiking adventure is one of the most popular adventure activities. Hiking adventure can be available in all the three regions of Vietnam – the North, the Center and the South.

If you look for a hiking adventure, then the North Vietnam will be the first choice. Since there are lots of beautiful places in North Vietnam where you can go hiking. Short hiking tours and long hiking tours are both available.

Vietnam hiking adventure should be arranged during the winter season where the weather is cool with little rain.
If you travel with kids or if you like only fun hiking adventure, then choose a half day hiking or one-day hiking in Mai Chau or Sapa or Bac Ha, in northern Vietnam. Longer hiking trips in mountainous areas are more difficult and sometimes require training before departure.

Hiking Vietnam offers not only hiking adventure in Vietnam but also other outdoor activities such as kayaking, rock climbing or motorcycle touring making your trip more active. You will have more possibilities and opportunities to experience Vietnam.

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