Vietnam Hiking Mountains

Vietnam Hiking Mountains is a list of mountains where trekking hiking is available in Vietnam. The most popular mountain for challenging trekking hiking in Vietnam is the Fansipan mountain.

The Fansipan mountain is high over three thousands meters above sea level. Climbing Fansipan  is not an easy trek. The trails are steep and the weather conditions extremely variable.

Hiking Fansipan can be arranged in two days, three days or four days depending on your tour frame and health conditions.
There are also other mountains where you can go hiking in northern Vietnam such as Mai Chau, Cao Bang and Ha Giang. The mountains in these areas are lower than Fansipan. But force and strength will also be required to climb over these mountains.
Hiking in the Vietnam Mountains are advised to do in the dry season starting from October until April the following year. During this period, the weather is cool with little rains.

In summer time, the rains are more frequent with big rains. Hiking in the Vietnam mountain offer a great experience. The hiking trails are small and off-the-beaten path. You will need to hire a local tour guide and a porter to make sure that you will not get not in the jungle.

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