Vietnam Central Highlands Tours

Vietnam Central Highlands Tours is a collection of top Vietnam trekking, hiking tours we arrange in the central highlands of Vietnam. Options include: Vietnam central highlands tour, Vietnam central highlands itinerary, Vietnam central highlands tourism, central highland Vietnam tour.

The Central Highlands, sometimes also called Midland Highlands or Western Highlands is one of the regions of Vietnam. It contains the provinces of Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Gia Lai, Kon Tum, and Lam Dong. It is a plateau bordering the lower part of Laos and northeastern Cambodia. Kon Tum Province shares a border with both Laos and Cambodia but Gia Lai Province and Dak Lak Province only share borders with Cambodia. Lam Dong Province is landlocked, and thus has no international border.

Actually, Vietnam Central Highlands is not situated on a unique plateau, instead it lies on series of contiguous plateaus, namely Kon Tum Plateau at the height of 500 m, Kon Plong Plateau, Kon Ha Nung Plateau, Pleiku Plateau with the height of around 800m, Mdrak Plateau of approximately 500 m, Dak Lak Plateau of around 800m, Mo Nong Plateau with the height of about 800–1000 m, Lam Vien Plateau of approximately 1500 m and Di Linh Plateau of about 900–1000 m. All of these plateau are surrounded by the high mountain ranges and mounts (South Annamite Range), offering several Vietnam central highlands tours, and beautiful hiking trails in Vietnam.

We at Hiking Vietnam provide a wide range of private guided tours in the central highlands of Vietnam, offering you the chance to discover the less-visited villages, destinations of Vietnam midland region. There are plenty of unique hiking tours and outdoor activities in Vietnam central highlands to suit just about any interest, budget, and group size. Just follow an itinerary on the list below or contact us for a customization.

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