An Lac Homestay – Bac Giang

Bac Giang may not be a popular travel place where you expect to see lots of impressive travel attractions. Therefore the Bac Giang province offers some of great off the beaten path tours.

At Lotussia Travel we run an overnight trip to An Lac commune, Son Dong, north east of the province. There you have the opportunity to stay in a local homestay, to visit the Khe Ro forest and to swim in a waterfall in Khe Vang.

Khe Ro Primitive Forest, a virgin primitive forest is located in An Lac commune, Son Dong District. The forest is a protected and covers an area of 7,153 hectares (17,680 acres). The forest has rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. 236 species of trees, 255 tubers of valuable medical plants, 37 mammals, 73 species of birds and 18 species of reptiles (7 are considered rare and valuable) have been recorded in the forest. Many streams flow through the forest area.

The homestays and the villagers are supported by a non-profit organisation is working with other international NGO’s, volunteers and the locals to develop sustainable community based ecotourism in the area, An Lac Khe Ro.

There are 5 homestays in the village where you can be lodged. Below are just some pictures of a homestay in An Lac. Contact us if you need more information.

The An Lac homestay. View from outside.


Another picture of the homestay.


Inside the house.


The homestay


The kitchen.


The kitchen 2.


The bathroom.


The WC.


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