August 2, 2013

Vietnam Trekking Guide: Special Notes


Staying overnight in a village-house is very exiting, but rather basic and simple with an earthen floor and an open fireplace. You will share the house with family with private bedding setup. Soft mattresses, mosquitoe net and sleeping bags are provided either by the local host or Lotussia Travel.

Sometimes we offer the opportunity to sleep in a camping tent at night. If camping is provided on the tour, our local porters will raise this on the spot.


We use a Vietnamese tour-leader and local porters on multi-day trek. The number of porters is up to group size. The bigger the group is, the more porters there will be.

The porters carry all the trekking equipment and most of the personal baggage. So that you will only need to carry a small rucksack with the things needed during the day and can concentrate on enjoying the trek and the beautiful scenery.

Most of the porters are from the local tribe, and through the years we have established a close relationship with several of them.


We bring a cook along, all the way. It is amazing what he can produce over a small fire. You should expect good homemade Vietnamese dishes, where rice and noodles are the main ingredients, supplemented with meat, fresh chicken and vegetables. Lunch is mainly homemade soup, produced on the spot. We attempt that all food is made of fresh ingredients, and as varied as possible. And in our opinion, a tablecloth and a bit of style does not spoil a good experience!


We put an emphasis on protecting the local environment (nature, local traditions and values) as much as possible. This is to the benefit of all, including us and who follow, and can be epitomized in the concept of Minimum Impact Tourism.

Campfires and the use of wood as fuel, no matter how cozy it is, is thus avoided, and we use transportable field-kitchens. Likewise, by using ceramic water-filters we avoid the problem of empty drinking-water bottles left in nature. This way we get purified drinking water and protect nature at the same time. Naturally, no garbage is left anywhere.

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