Travel during the Tet Holiday in Vietnam

Tet is the festival which epitomizes the identity of Vietnamese culture. Although the Lunar New Year is observed in all of East Asia influenced by Chinese civilization, each country celebrates it in a way peculiar to that country by making it conform to its psyche and historico-geographical conditions.

Many rites, festivities and practices of Vietnamese TET are quite distant variants of the Chinese model, and are even original creations which hark back to myths and legends of the pre-Chinese period which prevailed in an authentically Viet culture of the Bronze Age (first millenium B.C.)

Transport is always fully booked. Unless you’re lucky enough to enjoy Tet with a Vietnamese family, be forewarned: During this time, many travelers find themselves stranded, hotels completely full, and roadways crowded with traffic and revelers.

Year of theā€¦ ll Gregorian Calendar

Cat: Feb 03, 2011

Dragon: Jan 23, 2012

Snake: Feb 10, 2013

Horse: Jan 31, 2014

Goat: Feb 19, 2015

Monkey: Feb 08, 2016

Rooster: Jan 28, 2017

Dog: Feb 16, 2018

Pig: Feb 05, 2019

Rat: Jan 25, 2020

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