Best South Vietnam Trekking Route Ta Nang – Phan Dung

ta nang phan dung

I did a trip to one of the most beautiful trekking path in Vietnam, Ta Nang Phan Dung. This was a 2-day trip with 40 km route. The 55km trekking route spans three provinces in southern central provinces of Lam Dong, Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan – descending from an elevation of 1,100 metres at its western-most point to 500m. The hiking route starts from Ta Nang in Duc Trong District of Lam Dong and ends at the mountainous town of Phan Dung, Tuy Phong District of Binh Thuan.

Setting off on the bumpy basalt, soil-filled route at a tilt of 30-40 degrees at points, I come to realize that this south central Vietnam trek, while not for the tourist seeking relaxation and well-serviced amenities, is of incomparable beauty.

The trekking route looks like an emerald silk flow of lush green meadow and patches of pine trees bordering the forests; making a magnificent yet delicate transition from the Vietnam Central Highlands to the Vietnam central coastal area unfolding before the adventurous trekkers.

Hikers can choose any hillside to put up a camping tent for an overnight stop and experience a peaceful evening beside a warm, glowing bonfire under the shining stars.

Following the advice of previous trekkers, I pay attention to the triangle landmark where the three provinces of Lam Dong, Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan converge. Nearby is the Yavly Waterfall, where the water plunges down in a crashing crescendo to the bottom of a lake, creating white bubbles, mingles with the flow of nearby streams whispering to the mountains.

Dau, the highest point of the trekking route, is a wonderful spot to watch as dawn starts to break and the night fog dissolves among the green foliage to be replaced by the glowing red sunshine of early morning. I walk through the dreamy, romantic landscape stretching from one hillside to the next until dusk, when the Ta Nang Phan Dung trek dons its mysterious and sombre cloak.

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