Vietnam North Hiking: Ha Giang

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Vietnam North Hiking: Ha Giang is located in the northern mountainous border area. It borders China in the north, Tuyen Quang Province in the south, Cao Bang Province in the east, and Yen Bai and Lao Cai Provinces in the west. The mountainous and hilly terrain causes difficulties for travel and transport of goods, but in return it bestows beautiful tourist sites with dozens of rivers and streams, fascinating caves and grottos, historic and cultural relics and a treasure of traditional cultures of the ethnic groups, which all enchant the visitors.

Ha Giang province Vietnam offers a wide selection of trekking tours ranging from easy half day trek to multi-day trekking tours. Most of the Ha Giang trekking tours begin and end in Hanoi.

It is possible for anyone to take an overnight train from Hanoi to Lao Cai. One night will be spent on board train. The following day, the train arrive early in Lao Cai train station. Travelers can hire a private car to travel to Bac Ha and enjoy a free day in Bac Ha or they can start their adventure from there.

For any trekking tour that goes through Ha Giang and Bac Ha area, hiring a private vehicle with English-speaking tour guide is a must-do. Because these areas – Bac Ha, Ha Giang, Cao Bang are located in the Vietnam frontier border and a authorization paper is required for visiting these areas. The application is easy and does not take long. This paper can be handled by your local tour operator.

Trekking in Ha Giang is not something luxury and comfortable. If anyone looks for a trekking tour  that includes luxury lodge, mountain resorts, then Ha Giang will not be the choice. Most of the nights will be spent in local stilt house where the conditions are simple and basic. Travelers will share the house with family with private bedding setup. The toilets are located outside the house. Hot water is sometimes available.

If the Ha Giang trekking tour is booked with Hiking Vietnam, sleeping bags and waterproof blue bags will be provided.

In terms of the road, the scenery is very nice. But the road is bad, especially the part between Bac Ha and Ha Giang.

Ha Giang Map

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