Nung Ethnic Group

The Nung ethnic group, also called Xuong, Giang, Nung An, Nung Coi, Phan Sinh, Nung Chao, Nung Inh, Qui Rin, Nung Din, Khen Lai are concentrated in Lang Son, Cao Bang, Bac Thai, Bac Giang, Bac Ninh and Tuyen Quang provinces. The Nung mainly worship their ancestors, spirits, saints, Confucius, and nungKwan Yin. Nung villages are[…]

M’Nong Ethnic Group

The M’Nong ethnic group, also called Bru Dang, Preh, Ger, Nong, Prang, PJam, Kuyenh, Chil Bu Nor, M’Nong Bu Dang are concentrated in the southern parts of Dak Lak and Dak Nong provinces, and parts of Lam Dong and Binh Phuoc provinces. The M’Nong live in houses built on stilts or level with the ground. Each mnongvillage[…]

Khmer Ethnic Group

The Khmer ethnic group live in Soc Trang, Tra Vinh, Can Tho, Kien Giang and An Giang provinces. The Khmer ethnic people mainly practice Brahmanism and Hinayana Buddhism. Before reaching adulthood, young Khmer people often go to pagodas to study and improve their virtues and knowledge. The Khmer have managed to preserve their own language[…]

Hre Ethnic Group

The Hre ethnic group, also called Cham Re, Chom Kre, Luy live in the western parts of Quang Ngai and Binh Dinh provinces. The Hre are atheists. The small-sized nuclear family unit is very common hreamong the Hre. They live in stilt houses and the village chief is considered to have high prestige and plays[…]

Gia Rai Ethnic Group

The Gia Rai ethnic group, other names Gio Rai, To Buan, Hobau, Hdrung and Chor are concentrated in Gia Lai Province, parts of Kon Tum Province and northern Dak Lak Province. The Gia Rai believe in the existence of Giang (Genies) and hold many giarairituals connected to their genies. They live in separate villages called[…]

Giay Ethnic Group

The Giay or Zay ethnic group, other names Nhang, Dang, Pau Thin, Pu Na, Cui Chu, Xa are concentrated in Bat Xat, Bao Thang and Muong Khuong districts (Lao Cai Province); Yen Minh and Dong Van districts (Ha Giang Province); Phong Tho and Muong Te districts (Lai Chau Province); and Cao Bang Province. The Giay[…]

Co Lao Ethnic Group

The Co Lao ethnic group, or Ke Lao live in Dong Van and Hoang Su Phi districts in Ha Giang Province. Each village has about 15 to 20 households. The Co Lao houses are built colaolevel with the ground. A patriarchal system has been adopted. During pregnancy, Co Lao women observe strict abstinence to facilitate[…]

Cong Ethnic Group

The Cong ethnic group, also called Xam Khong, Mang Nhe, Xa Xeng live in Muong Te District in Lai Chau province and along the Da River. The Cong live in houses built on stilts. Each Cong lineage has a leader, its congown social taboos, and its own manner of worshipping their ancestors at the altar. According[…]

Chut Ethnic Group

The Chut ethnic group, also called Ruc, Sach, Arem, May, Ma Lieng, Tu Vang, Pa Leng, Xe Lang, To Hung, Cha Cu, Tac Cuc, Ymo, and Xa La Vang live in Minh Hoa and Tuyen Hoa districts of Quang Binh Province. Though most Chut live a sedentary life, their villages are quite separated chutand their houses[…]