Nung Ethnic Group

The Nung ethnic group, also called Xuong, Giang, Nung An, Nung Coi, Phan Sinh, Nung Chao, Nung Inh, Qui Rin, Nung Din, Khen Lai are concentrated in Lang Son, Cao Bang, Bac Thai, Bac Giang, Bac Ninh and Tuyen Quang provinces. The Nung mainly worship their ancestors, spirits, saints, Confucius, and nungKwan Yin. Nung villages are[…]

Mang Ethnic Group

The Mang ethnic group, also called Mang U, Xa La Vang live in Sin Ho, Muong Te, Phong Tho districts of Lai Chau Province; and Muong Cha District mangof Dien Bien Province. The chief of the village, together with the council of the oldest men, takes responsibility for the affairs of his village. The houses are[…]

Lo Lo Ethnic Group

The Lo Lo ethnic group, also called Mun Di, Lo Lo Hoa, Lo Lo Den live in Dong Van and Meo Vac districts of Ha Giang Province, Bao Lac District of Cao Bang Province and Muong Khuong District of Lao Cai Province. The Lo Lo mainly worship their ancestors. Their villages are located on lolomountain slopes[…]

Lao Ethnic Group

The Lao ethnic group, also called Lao Boc, Lao Noi are concentrated in Dien Bien City (Dien Bien Province); Phong Tho and Than Uyen districts (Lai Chau Province); Song Ma District (Son La Province). The Lao ethnic worship their ancestors and are influenced by Buddhism. The Laolao often take the family names of Lo, Luong,[…]