Trekking Around Hanoi: Mai Chau

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Trekking Around Hanoi: Mai Chau offers a wide selection of places where trekking, hiking tours can be arranged throughout the year. Mai Chau is the closest place near Hanoi where different treks are provided by local tour operator.

The drive from Hanoi to Mai Chau valley takes only three hours and a half. Most travelers come to Mai Chau for the beautiful scenery and the warm-hearted Thai people. All the trekking tours to Mai Chau are provided with local tour guide who speak foreign language (English, French or German…). A local porter is also required for trekking in Mai Chau. The local porter will carry food, water and some luggage from one place to another. The local porter is also the person who cook your meals where required.

For those who don’t have much time for their trek in Mai Chau, the two-day tour is the best option. This two-day trekking package includes two half days trek each day. They will have the opportunity to trek through different Thai and Muong hamlets and to spend one night in a stilt house.

For people who have much longer time spending in Mai Chau, they can book the three-day or four-day or even longer trekking tours. These longer treks will take the hiker to different hamlets are inhabited by different ethnic groups such as the Muong, the Thai and the Dzao.

The accommodation is simple. Most of the time, hiker spend the night in a local stilt house. They will share the house with family with private bedding setup. The toilets are located outside the house. The hot water is sometimes available upon request. The sleeping bags are provided by local tour operator. But the soft mattresses are offered on the spot.

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